Fantastic Shine (2013)

Passing by the crowd
Joy can rise from the dark
As a flash in the forest

Hey, for once I’ll tell you what’s true
How special you are
You’re the smile to my soundtrack

Have I told you lately?
We are friends through this trip of…
Time, oh, what is time?
The kind of thing that no one knows
Take a look at who’s around you
Spin in circles, ring round with you

Did I ever tell you?
We are drivers through a road called…
Life, oh, what is life?
A piece of pie
Bursting from
The seems that everything’s alright
Spin in circles, jump together now

Shine, shine, you can make it grow
Grow from the summer ground
-Shining on my sorrow-
-Shining and growing on my loss-
To the highest clouds
-Growing on my shins-

Fantastic sun
Fantastic us
Fantastic girl
Fantastic life
Fantastic band
Fantastic rise
Fantastic light
Fantastic night
Fantastic you
Fantastic time

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